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shadow knight
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    Shadow Knight: Ninja Game War

    By playing Shadow Knight, players have the opportunity to take on the role of a dark hero with immense power and a magical sword. This hero travels to many different parts of the world in order to fight evil. The most typical setting for these adventures is the land of Harmonia, home to powerful gods. In Harmonia, players will uncover a series of mysteries filled with darkness and fulfill requests from the Almighty. By doing so, they will become the next descendant of the hero clan.

    shadow knight ninja game war


    One of the new features added in the updated version of Shadow Knight is the awakening feature. This is considered the best option by many players, as it allows them to apply a great source of sobering power while being harmed by magic. In addition, using this feature also frees any cursed items that the player may have. Another new feature that has been added is the arena, which should make the game easier to play.


    In this game, players will take on the role of a member of the heroic clan who must rise up and discover the mystery behind the downfall of their predecessors while also defeating the evil forces that now threaten their world. The game’s combat is fast-paced and challenging, and players will find themselves in difficult situations where they will have to make tough decisions. The game’s extensive and detailed graphics are designed to give players the most realistic experience possible. Players will face diverse and numerous opponents throughout their journey. Along the way, you can encounter zombies, monsters, moving skeletons, and reach the boss who holds the key to the story.


    The Shadow Knight class in Paladins is a unique one, with a play-style that is heavily reliant on both player skill and having the proper equipment. The most basic of moves are available to the Shadow Knight, however the true key to success lies in utilizing the combination of moves and sword attacks available to create exciting and fluid combos. No two Shadow Knights are alike, as each hero has their own unique characteristics. The game provides an extensive collection of items to choose from, allowing players to create the most advanced weapons and gear to suit their play-style.


    The assigned tasks for the day will be delivered to each player’s mailbox. It is necessary to complete these tasks every day in order to receive the attendance reward. In addition, confrontations with enemies at different locations will also provide certain benefits. Players will start by conquering the most straightforward achievements, with more than 100 names in the achievement system. Do not forget that you are a warrior, trained to serve the clan and uncover the mystery story that has been consumed by darkness.


    As players explore the world of the Shadow Knight, they will uncover many lessons on how to become a hero. In special situations, their own personal story of survival in the dark land will be further developed as more characters appear. For players who focus on achievements, they will be able to level up and enjoy more difficult confrontations. The ultimate goal for players is to discover the reason for the disappearance of the ancient tribes and find a way to destroy the dark forces that have taken over.

    shadow knight SURVIVE IN THE DARK LAND

    Shadow Knight Premium

    Extreme Video Game Feeling

    With Shadow Knight Premium Experience the action rpg video game sensation with hack and slash gameplay in dark dream world setting. While check out lots of kinds of complicated surface by running, climbing up, leaping, there’re interesting secret points for you to learn!

    Adventure Fantasy Story

    When you go into in Shadow Knight Premium you will be immersed in limitless dark dream shadow fights. Experience towns, forests, dungeons … While getting in a dream world loaded with beasts, zombies, skeletons, orcs and undead animals. Defeat supreme opponents, effective employers to alter the fate of world!

    shadow knight premium

    Get ready In Design

    Fro finest gameplay, first of all gather the very best weapon, devices, rune from numerous products. After this totally personalize your Shadow Knight Premium to stick out from other knights. So sign up with the experience and produce craziest fights ’cause Your Knight, Your Design!

    Complete Missions Earn Rewards

    There are a great deal of missions to finish, do it all to get lots of benefits as possible. And do not forget there’re constantly more than 100 accomplishments to do. For that reason, total missions that bring gem, energy, secret, … and get an unique benefits in Shadow Knight Premium!

    Easy In Upgrading

    When you’re away, your knights are still being trained and integrating items to upgrade. When you’re back, they will be more powerful, acquire brand-new levels, discover brand-new abilities. Grow and train an effective group and prepared for fights! These abilities is really crucial for any success in Shadow Knight Premium.


    • The story progresses based on the various situations that take place daily; the player is an unstoppable force, fighting with the tenacity to explore the mystical world and claim the heroic throne.
    • In the darkness, there are countless enemies lurking, eager to begin the battle. Each floor of the tower will hold a unique challenge for you—the place where the most fearsome opponents reside.
    • Discover the dark hero’s life story through a series of captivating images and sounds. Experiences are more realistic due to the real-time period and accurate narratives of its events.
    • Players complete shaping for their character; each hero will bring a distinct beauty. The system provides a variety of items and equipment to help players complete this process quickly.
    • The successive quests on each floor of the tower represent the challenges that appear in the level. As the level goes up, the difficulty also increases, and you will encounter more vigorous, life-threatening opponents.

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